Major Foodie is the UK’s leading independent review site for Michelin Star Restaurants. Its founder, Richard Bagnold is soon to become the first food writer to have eaten in every Michelin Star Restaurant in the United Kingdom and he shares this passion for fine dining with tens of thousands of visitors to his website. Tailored Brands was asked to support Richard to execute a Search Engine Optimisation Strategy to gain greater visibility in Google’s Search Engine Rankings.

Work covered four elements – firstly a keyword and competitor analysis project was completed to assess the customer journey. Second was a technical audit of the website run by Tailored Brand’s SEO tech team which coincided with Google’s most recent update to their search algorithm. The third activity was making fine tuning adjustments to the site to maximize the 200 factors allows Google to rank websites – a vast proportion of these requirements are known from information in the public domain and registered patents, however there are a small number that are unknown and require ongoing testing to ensure their efficacy. The fourth and final element is shaping published material to be SEO positive and contribute to search engine rankings – this is an ongoing activity and combines both on-site and off-site work to provide relevance and increased credibility to original published copy.