We are Tailored Brands

It's hard to find a digital agency that covers the full spectrum of Branding + Marketing + PR and actually has evidence that they do it really well - that's why we founded Tailored Brands.

Who we are.

We are the future! We've been working in digital agencies for the last ten years delivering kick ass branding, SEO marketing stategy and PR. We know what works and how to get it done on time and within budget for our clients.

How we work.

1 We are different to other Agencies because we really want to get to know you. We will spend the time to come and visit to really understand what you want and when you need it. If we don't think that there is a fit we will be honest and say so and find you an agency that does - even if that is one of our competitors.

2 If you like what we do - we will agree a brief and cost if for you. We do understand if you need to adjust your requirements - each bid is like a bespoke suit and it takes a few sittings to get the fit that you are comfortable in.

3 Every client gets an account manager that has been involved in the getting to know you process and the construction of the bid. We will keep you up to date as often as you require to allow you to measure the impact of the work. Fine tuning the service is all part of the deal and we look forward to working with you!

Branding & Design

If you want to talk about what colour you logo should be, you are asking the wrong question. Branding is all about finding out who you are and where your business is going. Brand is about the sum total of the feelings your customers and potential customers have about you. To support your brand story, we take the time to find out about our clients and get to know what makes them tick. Only by doing this can we support you to create a brand that is genuine and delivers you sales.

Social Growth & Audience Building

We build digital audiences of fans that get excited about you! Our social media management team are experts at growing thousands of real followers who interact with your engaging content. Much more effective than paid advertising - your audience expect high quality digital content that has a direct impact on your sales and your price point.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is complex process which requires a deep understanding of the customer journey combined with mastering the technical aspects of how your website is seen by search engines. We guide clients through the process of analysing the competition, auditing and repairing websites and starting the process of publishing engaging content that allows clients to compete in search marketing race.

Public Relations

What's the story? Our PR experts use their knowledge of what makes a good story to craft your news into a press release that gets noticed. We pitch your story to the UK's top news sites, publications and journalists to get people talking about you and your product.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing is about conversion - it's a laser focus on selling. Our strategic digital marketing team work with you to provide a comprehensive analysis of your product, market and the way in which you are selling this customers. We set out a strategy that is sustainable, gets you to your goal and adds to the bottom line.


We deliver a full range of digital marketing training for groups and individuals. We have been developing curriculum based learning for over 10 years and can provide a full range of targeted courses to bring teams and CEOs alike up to speed to execute the digital marketing mix.